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Tyres are to be taken care of properly in order to let them function correctly. If you think tyres will last forever without any effort from your end, then it is time to rethink the same and work towards keeping your tyres healthy. You need to be aware of their maintenance to keep them efficient and to gain their best performance.

Firstly, if you drive your car on a daily basis, tyres Hucknall are bound to get old, worn out, and their treads will be affected as well. Taking your car tyres for servicing after regular intervals is definitely a must. However, there are certain aspects you must keep an eye on. In case you are wondering how to do so, continue reading.


Check out the following factors daily
  • Tread depth: The depth of your tyre treads must be below 1.6 millimetres. If you can’t figure out whether the depth has changed or not, it’s better if you purchase a gauge so that you can measure the accurate size and fix if there’s an issue. These changes occur due to driving the car tyres from Hucknall on uneven surfaces. It is imperative that you keep an eye on such problems before they turn into some more significant issues with unpredictable consequences.


  • Treadwear: Along with the tread depth, it is essential that you check out the tread wear as well. Figuring out this issue might be a bit tricky in older tyres. However, new tyres have indicators built within them, which would be visible to you once the tyres start wearing down. In case you are stuck with an old set of tyres from Hucknall, you can figure out the tread wear with the help of a penny. All you need to do is take a particular sized penny and insert it head-down within the tread. If you can still see the head, the tread has worn out more than it should have. This technique is also applicable for measuring the tread depth.


  • Sidewall cracks: Problems with the sidewall are fortunately visible externally. You might come across cracks, cuts or grooves. Such flaws indicate that your car tyres from Eastwood are on the verge of getting leaked or worse, blowout. This is one of the essential matters to be concerned about. If you ever come across such serious cracks or other damages, get it fixed without any further delay.
In addition to all the facts mentioned above, there are two more aspects you need to keep an eye. One of them is blisters or bulges, and the other is unusual vibration. Both of these might seem like petty issues. However, they can turn into severe consequences over time.
These are the reasons why you need to maintain your car tyres Newark so that they perform well on a daily basis without any risks. If you ever come across any of these situations and cannot handle them yourself, take your car to a reputed garage without any further delay. One such reliable service provider is Farnsfield Auto Centre. They provide with various car-related services, such as wheel alignment, diagnostics, replacing batteries, MOT as well as retesting.

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